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Experience the ultimate holiday feeling on Ameland

Here you step out of your daily routine as soon as you get on board the ferry. Recharge yourself in an inspiring environment with pure sea air, nature, the cleanest beach of the Netherlands and beautiful sunsets.

A stress-free island

Take residence at an Ostrea accommodation to really complete your vacation. Each season you can enjoy one of the spacious accommodations. Fully equipped and tastefully decorated. Select your own Ostrea accommodation surrounded by nature. You can choose from several different types with terrace and stunning views of the dunes, the forest or the sea.


Additional information

As a guest to Ostrea you'll receive a warm welcome from the Islanders. They will provide you with information about recreational activities, renting bikes or ferry services. You can make a reservation online or contact Ostrea (, +31-519-543 333).buttonOstreaMakeAnInquiry


Picture: side view of the Ostrea apartment complex

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 Picture: front view of the Ostrea apartment complex

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